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Name: Dean F Grein
Location: 94503
Posted On:Tue Nov 21 17:46:03 2023
Message:You were my class of '73 President in Frayser. I got a bunch of songs I have written, produced and ready to be heard. I know your style. You and all others please enjoy them www.soundcloud.com?dean-grein/tracks
Name: Tino
Posted On:Wed Mar 29 09:13:29 2023
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Name: Tino
Posted On:Tue Mar 28 22:09:59 2023
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Location: https://www.facebook.com/groups/653463873104303
Posted On:Wed Dec 7 09:28:33 2022
Message:Hey Andy its Jeff from Frynds of Lynyrd. Aka "Otto Motev'. I am going to put this link on our page.
Name: Tom "Gonzo" Hills
Location: Red Wing, MN
Posted On:Tue Aug 23 11:40:49 2022
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Name: George Dandridge
Posted On:Sun Dec 13 19:15:22 2020
Message:Hi Andy, it's great to catch up after only 40 years, lol. Lots of memories at Don D's music store and your band at the time.
Name: Keenan Neighbors
Posted On:Sat Nov 28 11:34:16 2020
Message:Hey Andy just a note to let you know I do pay attention to friends like you and love to research your accomplishments. Toured with Marshall Tucker? Hey I like that and sing them in my car every chance I get. Nice chatting today and one more thing----FREEBIRD! Sorry it just slipped out, I am from the South you know and it can't be helped
Name: Allen Roberts
Location: Allenrobertsac.com
Posted On:Sun Feb 28 12:25:24 2016
Message:Long time buddy.... we'll have to catch up sometime on one of my trips thru Memphis.
Name: Joe C.
Location: http://www.andytanas.com/
Posted On:Thu Nov 12 15:19:22 2015
Message:You are so awesome at musix
Name: Matt McCauley
Location: www.melissaneels.net
Posted On:Sun Nov 20 19:34:42 2011
Message:Hi Andy, Was good meeting you in Bob Ketchum 's room tonight. If you ever get around St. Louis, let me know. If you have some time off on the weekend, you may be able to come out and see the band. We would love to have you sit in for a couple. Keep it going, bro.
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