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all things that are andy

Beginnings. »»
The Formative Years or How to succeed in Frayser and get beat up a lot. »»
Look ma..ah'm in a bayund! Or "Dear God son, please have something to fall back on!!". »»
Ladies and gentlemen...direct from Frayser...that handsome young geek Andy Tanas starring in "The Last Days of Lenny Bruce". »»
"Black Oak...yea I remember them. Jackie Blue, right?" Roy Orbison 1978. »»
It says, 'Plenty of work in California. Eight hundred pickers wanted.' "Wait til I get to Californey. I'm gonna reach up and ick me an orange whenever I want it. With some grapes. Now there's somethin' I ain't never had enough of." The Grapes of Wrath 1940. »»
We're having a baby! Oh, by the way...this guy from Krokus called about something. »»
Did you say that someone from Krokus called? »»
Alright smart guy, you quit this big time rock band to play hard rockin country. So what do we do now? »»
If you record it they will come. »»
There's a reason for everything. »»
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